When the weather turns colder and the days grow shorter, it can be hard to stay on track with your diet. Comfort food, takeaways and snacks all seem like great options - but you need to have the willpower to say no if you want to transform your body and health!
You probably know the deal by now, you should aim to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner each day - plus a snack if you get hungry. We have included some of our favorite recipes from our plans so far for you to choose from each day - plus a few to get you in the mood for Christmas!
But, as always, you don’t need to stick to these recipes alone - you can cook any recipe you like as long as you try to stay within your calorie targets. We generally suggest fewer than 1900 calories a day for men when trying to lose weight, and fewer than 1700 calories per day for women when trying to lose weight.
The majority of the meals here are below 550 calories each, so if you are eating 3 of these and a snack each day you should come in below your target!