Welcome to the #TrainWright dashboard.

Mark & Josh here - welcome back to Train Wright -  WATCH VIDEO

You should know your way around here by now, but if you need a little refresh - this is the TRAINWRIGHT dashboard. Your personal hub to keep up to date with your daily workouts and plan your nutrition!

We hope you enjoyed the 4 Week Fat Burn but it’s time to take things to The Next Level.

The Next Level picks up where your training left off with the 4 Week Fat Burn; 5 workouts each week for the next month, but this time you are going to be working harder, and for longer. While that might sound daunting, we know you have it in you to keep up with us. 

You will be training with us again, in real time, so you know you are getting everything right - no guessing necessary. And as a bonus, we will be giving you exclusive access to our ab-focused workouts (from the 27th of July) to help you ensure you are maximising your progress!

And remember, we love interacting with you so be sure to tag me in your Instagram stories and posts and to use the #TrainWright. And we especially love seeing your transformations using our workouts, so tag @TrainWright in your pics and we will repost the best on the TW account!

The next 4 weeks won’t be easy, but they will be worth it.

We're so excited to start THE NEXT LEVEL programme with you.

Let’s do it. Let's #TrainWright.

Mark & Josh